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Are there Raspberry Pi alternatives that are more suitable for hosting stuff? I heard the Pi's networking goes through the USB 2 bus which sounds real slow.

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I've just released wl-clipboard 1.0 🎉

wl-clipboard is to #Wayland what xclip is to X11, but much nicer in every way. Check it out at

wl-clipboard started out as a proof of concept, turned into something useful that I could announce to the world, and now it's rock-solid and feature-packed.


Turns out sprinkling lazy_statics all around makes code really hard to reason about, and you can avoid that while still keeping a static API by wrapping a non-static system behind a static API.

So in other words, I've been rewriting the backbone of my UI crate bit by bit recently. I'll be done with that soon, and then I'll rewrite the public facing parts, because I can't apparently design an API and write good, coherent code at the same time.

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Observations on Modern Computing (The Last 10 Years Were a Misstep) " " I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. ...

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What if the pipboy is just labeling survivors of an anti-vault-tec group as "Raiders"?

Seems really weird that raiders keep saying stuff like "why do you never leave us alone?" Like my dude, I thought you never left others alone and were evil and stuff, are you saying this smartwatch I have is lying to me?

Gotta love the dialogue trees in Fallout 4. Seriously? Zero branching, and only one way to say it.

I miss New Vegas. I should play New California instead of this.

I just realized, that actually quite a few of my games have been inspired by anime. And I haven't watched good anime in a long while. And I haven't made good games in a long while.

There must be a connection! :thinkingrem:

RelMeAuth/IndieAuth seems cool. The option of authenticating with a domain + PGP key really tickles my decentralization bone. Of course DNS is not completely decentralized, but in the context of the modern web, this seems real interesting.

Also, I very much like how the user can choose whether they want to trust any specific authentication provider. Twitter's auth or your own private key, and everything in between works in a singular login system. Seems like a neat package.

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To me, the thing that exemplifies "work smarter, not harder" is the Fallout 3 train hat - instead of creating an entirely new system for a train, they just have an NPC wearing a hat which is an entire train, hidden under the floor and running very quickly.

It's absurd, and someone could have spent a lot of time and effort on a new system to get the the same result in a less absurd way. But this works, so why not?

So my new motto is, "don't be afraid to wear a train as a hat."

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Spicy politics take, I should shut up Show more

Nvidia is doing lots of great stuff VR performance/quality wise, but also holy hell the open source driver situation is bad. I think I'll get an amd gpu next time, but damn is it annoying to have to pick a company's freedom policy over performance.

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"WebRender newsletter #28" – Mozilla Gfx Team Blog

At first I thought WebRender was basically the same as Edge's independent rendering (i.e moving rendering to a background thread), but based on this post it seems a lot more ambitious actually. Interesting stuff, and kudos to the Firefox folks for opening up on their thought process.

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Rewrote once again! This time, less CSS black magic so it actually looks decent with lynx. And I made it a bit less confusing probably maybe :happyfelix: (though the cool, more confusing version still exists in the form of "Terminal mode")

Also I checked all of the marks in the process :blobcatpeek:

I'm not sure how the profile link verification system works, but if the rel="me" contains something else as well, like rel="nofollow me", should it break? Because is sure seems like it breaks, my profile's link isn't getting the checkmark.

Oh boy. Looking into adding wayland support to my ui crate (to support HiDPI properly), I discovered quite the can of worms in the form of client/server-side-decoration policies between different desktop environments.

Seems to me that assuming server-side-decorations is the more compatible option, as long as the app has some way to quit in itself (in the case of the DE not providing decorations for that).

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