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Hi! It's hard to structure these posts well so I'll just list out some things I'm interested in with neat emojos attached for a more varied visual experience. 🎲 💻 :ferris: 🌻 🖥️ :lyra: :winkingfelix: :lambda:

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@hay I've always thought that the tech sector is almost certain to produce Dunning-Krugering. No one outside of the tech sphere can tell if you have done something daft, there isn't much of a culture of being humble or even aware of your mistakes and everyone acts like they know what they doing.

This air conditioned hotel air is a blessing. It's a wonder how much 30 degrees celsius exhausts a man.

Arrived in Krakow, currently being fried alive by the Polish sun.

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Moving from having Slack, Discord, and Zulip open as Electron apps to pinned tabs in Firefox dropped my background memory usage by 4 GB and my passive system load from about 1.5 to about 0.8

Electron is Bad Actually

Based on past experience, posting about making a thing is a death sentence to my motivation for making that thing. But I just got a pretty neat idea for an electron joke.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is greaat. The first crpg I've gotten into properly, probably because of the coop aspect. Hot dang. 💯

I spend more time reading and listening about how software is bad and current software development practices are bad, than actually writing software. Bah.

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I get the feeling my desktop linux install either has badly configured X11/graphics drivers, or maybe firefox doesn't render as fast as on Windows. Because in any case, every time I come back to Windows, every animation feels so much smoother, especially scrolling in Firefox.

What a bummer.

Got a new Pi, say hi to :blobcatpeek:

Thinking about putting sourcehut on there.

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One of the many absurdities of capitalism in our technologically advanced world: I have to borrow an eBook from the library and return it so others can borrow it

Setup funkwhale, with nothing set to public (yet?) but now I can listen to my music from the ~cloud~ :blobcatmelt:

No more need for Google Play Music, yay!

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Made cute status pages for my servers (eevee, sylveon, leafeon) to track uptime per-machine. :sylveon:

Not enjoying the first few days of summer, the sun is really hot. Can't stand in the sun for many minutes without cover. Can't wait for the sweet darkness to return.

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