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I heard the hot new thing is writing a new intro post.
I make videogames, study math, and frequently write bad posts on the federated social medias. I'm also posting from my island of solitude,, so if you're a gamedev, @ me so I can fav your screenshots.

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@Hiraelle More games should include an “easy mode” wherein even a novice player can make it all the way to the end. How can a player enjoy the full experience of the game if it keeps them stuck on a certain point?

Higher difficulties will always be there for those who want a challenge. For those who want to enjoy the story or just have some “I feel like a god” escapism for a little while, there should always be Easy Mode.


I'm on 2.2.0 now, hello! Hopefully nothing broke.

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coding hot take: better coders aren't smarter, they're just more fluent in computer

Anyone got a blog? I need to fill up my RSS feed.

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Using nightlies really makes releases boring. All this hype about new Firefox features which nightly has already had for months. Maybe I should just stop reading tech news.

How strong of a magnet does one need to disturb a phone's internals? My case has a floppy magnet bit which spooks me a lot.

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Is there a Matrix room that people use?

If not, should I make one?

Hi, everyone who knows crypto!

I'd like to code a networked videogame, and I want it to be at least somewhat secure. Don't know anything about encryption or authentication though, any recommendations for learning resources?

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I released #nanojam for making tiny game far there are eight cartridges of full games in fewer than 280 characters!

I would upload a pronoun.

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is my instance federating properly, a saga

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New stuff on this video:
- Stun / ministun status
- Screen shake effect
- Sword slash effect

I just saw Inland Empire.


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I always think thingies where you scan your library card and then put the books on the thing and then they're yours are really pretty and magical, until I realise that they're ACTUALLY AND SECRETLY just windows xp like apparently everything in this treacherous world

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cute girls doing techy things 👌

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ſometimes when I feel like trolling I ſtart uſing Long S in my ſentences juſt to annoy people. :blobcat:

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"The modern business woman needs to present a confident appearance in the workplace. Shoulder pads can be an easy and subtle way of showing you deserve to be taken seriously."

*comes in to work with 40k space marine pauldrons on that she hacksawed off the statue at the local games workshop*

I'm here for the merger negotiation.