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I heard the hot new thing is writing a new intro post.
I make videogames, study math, and frequently write bad posts on the federated social medias. I'm also posting from my island of solitude,, so if you're a gamedev, @ me so I can fav your screenshots.

I wonder what this "metal bit" is made of, and how it ended up like this, sitting in my bag :gnuwhat:

(Pictured: a corner of my laptop)

Hello all you beautiful people! As of this #showoffhour, I have decided to demonstrate the latest feature to my glerminal;

Menus (WIP)! You can now add menus, which can have labels and text inputs, and later other very cool things aswell!

Also I'm starting to use #glerminal for all my GLerminal devlog posts, and for those who don't know what it is, here's the github, it's really cool and you should check it out:

#gamedev #dev #glerminal

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.social was down for a minute and the fluffy elephant friend hitting the keyboard was in sync with the beat of the music I was listening to. It was like it was keeping the beat and it was adorable.

Is there any language that is more functional than Rust but doesn't have a runtime? Having a hard time finding one.

Hi, it’s me, George API. I invented the Application Programming Interface when I worked for Xerox in the 1970s, and im here to inform u that hehehe u owee me. one houndred bollion dollars!!!! heeeheheeee

is LaTeX brutalism a valid school of art

Yay, it's done

If you need some not-in-a-hurry requests done easily, minreq is your postman. He can also do HTTPS if required.

Well. I would like to announce that the "rustls" crate is amazing. It basically just implements https for you, and using the crate (at least in my simple usecase) is bafflingly simple. Good crate.

oh, for the folks playing along at home, this is a $2.50 vultr instance plus $10 storage (100gb). you don't really need the storage, i just have a lot of data already. once we have some kind of garbage collection for old posts, the 20gb of the instance should be enough.

How's the AP client going, you may ask. Well, I've been making a HTTP client, so, that's a start. (

I'll add https support next, and then I might actually start trying to make the client itself.

"Blessed by the Algorithm" β€” I can almost hear an apocalyptic Muse song in my head, as regular people slowly start to venerate the computer gods

@lain If I were to start a Pleroma instance on this domain, and make an account with the same name, how would other instances react? Would they see any difference?


So my instance was down for about a day. Remember: if your mastodon instance inexplicably stops working suddenly, you're probably out of memory. I always seem to forget that.

As my latest and wildest feature to the terminal I've began working on a menu-system where you're going to have all kinds of buttons, inputs, checkboxes, windows and all those crazy goofers!

It's going to be an optional feature that you can include (or not) anytime you want.

Anyways, here's a nifty gif of my work-in-progress TextInput!

#dev #gamedev

OKAY! It now works 100% properly, and in a way that makes it much easier to generate collision! Now without floating point errors! #gamedev #JellyCubeToolkit