Today in a finnish newspaper: the country is on fire at 25 degrees celsius.


And while on topic, I'm trying to not move and barely wear any clothes and still sweating. Everywhere is sauna now.

25 and sweating?
Hot tip:

Hey @xiroux what was the max temperature last summer over there in Granada? 😅😅

@jon_valdes @xiroux Yeah I'm considering moving like, 1000 km north to avoid this. Cold isn't a problem, you can just put on more clothes. Hot is just eternal torture.

Here in Stockholm it's 27°C, sunny and beautiful. For a Spaniard, this is just like home 😅
@neon @xiroux

@jon_valdes @neon @sina IIRC, the official record last summer was 47 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shit, that's even worse than I thought 😐

Here, honestly, it's a bit too warm. But I'll take that anytime, compared to what we had just 1 month ago

Same neighborhood, one month difference:

@sina @neon

Let's just agree to disagree on that one. Dressing up our toddler for this was a nightmare 😥

@neon @xiroux

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