Started working on my entry. I've got a pretty good game idea down, and I'm very motivated because this'll be a good test of my wip UI crate. Wrote the basic stuff, readmes, licenses, buildscripts and a simple main menu tonight. Next up: the game. Before that though, sleep.


Added a way to use custom spritesheets into the UI crate, wrote some base code for the systems. Overall not a super productive day, but I'm still processing the mechanics a bit.

Not much to see, but here's a video anyway:

Some progress tonight. Added a lot of stuff behind the scenes (UI crate is getting lots of functionality updates :happyfelix: ), and implemented location spawning and selections. Next up, connections between locations and inspection UI.

Don't think I'm going to make it in time for , but I'll definitely keep on working on my project. It works as a good real-world test for my UI crate. Got this far (about 40% of my original to-do list):

@icefox I'm making a minimalist* UI crate, using glutin and rusttype. I'm designing the API based on imgui concepts. Currently it can mostly just make buttons on the screen, but it's definitely wip.

*Well, as minimalist as you can get while still providing a robust cross-platform experience. Glutin and rusttype definitely aren't the lightest crates, but they do their job really well, and work out of the box on win/mac/linux and even the BSDs afaik.

@neon I don't suppose I could convince you to use gfx-rs instead? :-/ Or at least make a pluggable backend so I can write a gfx-rs renderer for your gui library and make it interoperate with ggez?

@icefox I'd rather use OpenGL, since one of my goals was minimizing dependencies. That said, I don't think it'd be much work to switch out the backend, as it's contained in two modules with relatively little public-facing API.

I wouldn't try doing such a thing yet though, since the crate is definitely in "every commit changes the api" territory and doesn't have much utility yet.

What do you mean by interoperate with ggez?

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