@funkwhale Is it possible / will it be possible to only allow specific users to listen to specific tracks? I'd like to use funkwhale to listen to my library, but I also don't want to serve most of the music to other people, since that's a copyright violation in many cases.

@neon yes, this use case is completely supported since version 0.17 (it was one of the reasons of the big overhaul)!

1. Create a private library
2. Import your tracks in this one
3. Share the library link with your friends (or the people who should have access)
4. Accept their follow requests on the library
5. Enjoy!

It's not done at the track level though, so users following a library will have access to all the tracks in this library (including tracks you add in the future).

@funkwhale Great! Thanks for the quick reply as well.

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