As much as is horrible, it's a very convenient place to browse hashtags in. Since practically everyone is followed from there, the hashtags are super populated.

@neon i have a secondary account on m.s that i don't actually post from, and this is one of the two reasons why

@headachebooth Yeah, same here. Though technically it was my first account, but nowadays it's solely for hashtag browsing.

@lanodan I kinda wish there was a mechanism for federating posts with hashtags more eagerly. On a self-hosted instance the hashtags are pretty much just a filter for my home timeline, which is not useful at all when trying to find new people.

@neon Well, I guess there should be !groups and maybe (some?) hashtags could be announced as an option.

@lanodan Yeah, the gnusoc implementation of groups is pretty much exactly what I'd want. I'd forgotten about them completely, since everyone is on Mastodon or Pleroma nowadays.

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