@neon I recently used a native app for something that I typically do in a browser- text editing or whatever- and I forgot how great it was. There's no keystrokes that make you randomly lose all your work! It's always fast! You can drag and drop and stuff!

@BestGirlGrace Running actual native code on your machine, the possibilities are endless!

@neon It drives me nuts that we spent decades of engineering work making native apps really good, and now nobody uses them because of the siren song of platform-independent web technology

@BestGirlGrace Yeah. I'm glad videogames are still heavy enough that the scene hasn't shifted to the web too much, I get to code native stuff and it's what everyone expects!

@BestGirlGrace @neon I wonder if anyone has ever tried using TAS software as a form of autosave for a really bad case of "web browser pretending to be a native app".

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