Yay, got three Pis running now, time to start migrating stuff. We'll see if I get to Mastodon today, this'll be quite a bit of fiddling :neutralfelix:

@neon I see only one RSpi with a power cord... What are the hats you used on the other two ?

@OlivierSchyns It's the PoE hat! I'm not exactly sure as to what it does aside from having the fan and probably connecting a few pins, but it enables the 3B+'s power over ethernet capabilities, which is why they don't have power cords. It's very neat!

@staticsafe Thanks 😄 The eeveelutions are my favorite pokemon, and they're a nice family to name a set of servers after :sylveon:

@staticsafe @neon hehehe, at airbnb we name our websocket server clusters after eevees

@neon are you intending to run Mastodon on a Pi?

@feld I'm going to try. I tried a few years ago with the 2B (actually the "eevee" in the picture!), which didn't work, but I'm going to try and see if an overclocked 3B+ is up to it.

If it doesn't run well, I guess that'll be one more reason to migrate to a lighter AP server.

@neon I am fairly confident this is not going to work well at all but I'd like to be proven wrong :)

@feld I'm a bit skeptical as well, but I'd really like to get rid of rented servers. And, if possible, keep my instance intact.

@neon let me see who I can bribe into finishing the Mastodon to Pleroma converter...

@feld If someone wrote that, I wouldn't need server migration as a reason to switch 😄 I definitely prefer Pleroma to Mastodon in many ways.

@neon oh I should've asked, what are you building?

@fred Just moving my personal web server stuff (gitea, mastodon, home page, etc.) to a local solution that consists of Pi's.

@neon that's very cool. Do you have a beefy enough upstream?

@fred ~100 Mbps, I'd say it's enough for my uses.

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