Started Prey. I'm sort of annoyed that I had gotten the image that this is a horror game, because hot damn, I'd play this game just for the character controls. It's like Deus Ex HR except 2017, it feels soo good. I'll endure any spooky parts for some more imsim goodness.

@neon i love immersive sims man

it's a terrible name for a niche genre tho

@calvin It certainly is. And it's kind of a bummer how it has become it's own genre, since (at least imo) it's mostly a set of good game design guidelines. Or maybe not. But I'd certainly like more games with the ideology.

@neon I also thought it was a spoopy horror game but it's really only like that for the first few hours or so I feel. And yeah it feels really good to play, I usually struggle with FPS controls but Prey felt really natural

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