Good app for Android: Markor, a text editor/todo list app. Has a nice interface, markdown support, and clearly states where it puts the files and keeps them neat, and updates them from disk often, resulting in very good cooperation with Syncthing. I used to use Google Keep since it made it very easy to make and edit notes on different platforms and sync them up, but Markor+Syncthing is just as convenient, except that there's no server where the notes are stored, it's all P2P and free of Google.

@neon Looks pretty slick. 👍 Wonder if I can get it to work with NextCloud.

@neon I've been wanting a better todo app, so I installed this from F-Droid...

But when I made a todo item, the text is dark grey on dark grey?

@CharredStencil Ah, that's a bummer, I didn't notice since I use the light theme. You can edit the colors in the settings manually though.

@neon ah yeah the light theme looks better. I might have to mess with the colors.

@neon been using it for 6 months or so. Fantastic app👌🏻👌🏻

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