The Civilization games are really weird, since I constantly feel like they're super mediocre and not very interesting (after a few hundred hours), yet I still play them, and for very long sessions. Sadly makes it feel like a waste of time.

@neon I feel that. They're good games for sure, but they don't feel as gripping as they end up actually being.

I think it comes down to a complete mastery of the "one more turn" feeling. It's like in stardew valley with "one more day". You could stop now, but if you play one more segment, you could do XYZ!

Ten hours later...

@neon I prefer GSG but the only GSG I like is Victoria 2

it's weird

@neon grand strategy game; real time with pause, realistic scenarios

@calvin Ah! I have yet to try Victoria 2, I've mostly just played EU4 as far as those kinds of games go.

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