Seems reading game engine EULAs has become a weekly tradition for me. This time, found this golden nugget in Unity's Privacy Policy: "We also include certain device data collection in the runtime of the software, which is incorporated into the applications you create with the software."

So basically, you can't make a Unity game that doesn't spy on its players. Funfunfun.

Alright, turns out I was very wrong about Unity, I take back my snarky remarks. They made the "Disable HW statistics" toggle available for everyone in version 2018.3, which is the antifeature I was talking about, and Unity support confirmed that this is indeed the only thing in the base engine that sends out data to Unity.

So Unity games are fine if you turn on "Disable HW statistics", and of course, don't use Unity IAP/Multiplayer/Game Performance/Ads/Analytics.

This post brought to you by the proprietary software apologist gang.

@AniMerrill @neon Yep. For this reason, I run Unity games behind proxychains.

You cannot really make a free software game in Unity, because Unity is not free.

@CharredStencil @neon i haven't ever looked into it, but I have to assume Unreal is probably the same right? Lol

No wonder Unity projects are such a bloated mess tbh tho

@AniMerrill @neon Yeah. Unreal is really open-washed too. You can see the code but it's not libre, there's restrictions on how you can build and distribute and run it.

@AniMerrill You can disable the analytics in UE4, but who knows what it does that they don't tell you about, because one of the things you supposedly have to do to release a UE4 game is write an EULA that all your players have to agree to to play. They have this template that's like an A4 paper filled with "dont sue us" type text.

@AniMerrill @CharredStencil
Cryengine seems the only big engine that doesn't do super shady stuff, couldn't find anything exceptionally bad in their license. Of course, their royalty stuff is a pain to deal with (eg. you have to send them a notice 3 months before release), but that doesn't really affect the players so I think it's a different problem.

@neon @AniMerrill Luckily nobody is paying me to make games right now, so I just won't use any proprietary engines

@CharredStencil Yeah, I just really like some of the shiny features the big engines provide, which is why I try to make sure I don't crucify them without reason. But it certainly seems like Godot really is the best option.

@neon @CharredStencil yeah the 3.1 beta (or maybe it's released I haven't checked in a while) seems really promising. Godot definitely has less power than Unreal or CryEngine for 3d, but imho it definitely is the best 2d engine on the market and the open source model only means that more people using it will make it better over time~

@neon @CharredStencil plus Godot just let's you make HTML5 games which should be the standard for everything, but I guess Unity wants to be Flash 2: Electric Boogaloo

@AniMerrill @CharredStencil I think Unity has WebAssembly export nowadays, so it's not as bad as it used to be. But Godot is definitely better for 2D games, agreed.

@neon @CharredStencil ah yeah, i guess I've been out of the loop. I haven't even touched Unity since like... 2013 or something, the attribute system never really clicked with me.

@neon You can disable hardware statistics collection (what this clause is referring to) in the project settings.

@Tak Interesting that there isn't any mention of such a thing in the Privacy Policy though. I don't see why they'd ask for such a thing without any conditions and no mention of a toggle, if you could just disable it. Maybe it's just an oversight.

@neon Well, if I think about a privacy policy (or any kind of legalish ToS/EULA/whatever) as documentation that you have to get a lawyer to write, and then I think about how inaccurate documentation that's written _in plain english by the same people who write the code_ can be, it's not hard to imagine how a disconnect can arise.

@neon at least years ago, analytics could be disabled in the paid unity version, but not in the free one. Not sure about now

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