Whoa, just watched a youtube series about the Journey to the West and... It's like Dragon Ball, but I haven't read it yet and it also seems even cooler! Booked it (is that the right word? Like called dibs so I get to loan it next, yanno) from the library, can't wait! :tuturu:

@neon Keep in mind, 'Journey to the West' not only came long before Dragonball, but was the main inspiration for Dragonball (and many other fictional tales)

@PocketNerd Oh definitely, I'm reading it half because it seems like a really good read, and half because it's the inspiration for so much good stuff. Like in a Citizen Kane kind of way, at least how it was pitched to me when I saw it.

@neon If you want more Journey to the West there was a Japanese live action series that was based on it and was dubbed into English--was popular in the UK and Australia when I was a kid. Just called Monkey.

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