Seems reading game engine EULAs has become a weekly tradition for me. This time, found this golden nugget in Unity's Privacy Policy: "We also include certain device data collection in the runtime of the software, which is incorporated into the applications you create with the software."

So basically, you can't make a Unity game that doesn't spy on its players. Funfunfun.

Alright, turns out I was very wrong about Unity, I take back my snarky remarks. They made the "Disable HW statistics" toggle available for everyone in version 2018.3, which is the antifeature I was talking about, and Unity support confirmed that this is indeed the only thing in the base engine that sends out data to Unity.

So Unity games are fine if you turn on "Disable HW statistics", and of course, don't use Unity IAP/Multiplayer/Game Performance/Ads/Analytics.


This post brought to you by the proprietary software apologist gang.

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