@neon @chr had to do some tweaks to border colors, but it works also with glitch! And I made it all monospace and it's all just so much better still !! dev.glitch.social/media/NVixLk

@neon @chr does it make the AIM chimes when you toot?

@neon @chr is there one based off Mac Classic? I kinda wanna make one

@lain We need a Win95 theme... Also, GNUstep.
@dolus @neon @lain aesthetic  BeOS https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/809436

@neon @chr I've installed this, but switching to a Mastodon tab, the Chrome Stylish plugin says I have 0 installed themes. Is it just not compatible with my Mastodon instance?

@softmagic @chr Yeah, it's set to cybre.space by default. You can change it though: go to the Stylish "Manage" menu (on Firefox it's just below the menu that opens when you click the Stylish icon), click on the style's name, and change the "Applies to" url at the bottom to your instance's url.

@softmagic Np, glad to help. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

@neon @chr

@chr needs to make an aol instant messenger theme too.

@neon @chr Why does it have two start buttons?