Neon, but edgy

Hehey, this time I'm actually posting stuff during the actual hour!

So this week I've been making this world-generation-sandboxy-builder-game-thing, don't really yet know what I'll actually do with it. Today I added placing things. Next up is probably some minions to come live in the world :thinkingfelix:

@neon maybe the true game is the fun you've made building it along the way

@bram I mean, yes, definitely. But I'd like something to describe it 😄

@neon more serious question :) which tool have you used to build it?

@bram Unity! I wish I had the patience to switch to Godot, but I kinda want to actually make stuff, so I'll be using stuff I know how to use for a while 😄

@neon oh :) I was thinking about playing with godot but I don't have any experience about making games (and I want to make them on linux) (well, appart a bit of pygame 7 years ago)

@bram Godot is really good, I just don't have the magic touch with it yet. Gotta brave through the learning process at some point.

That said, Unity is also on Linux. Not that I recommend it, with Godot being a thing, just fyi.

@neon I guess I'll look at it at some point then, thx :)

@neon This is really good, congratulations!

@Ewakhine Good thing I succeeded at that, since I kinda just got stuck polishing instead of making any real features 😅

@neon Yooo, those edge cube tween transitions are tight!

@brody Thanks! I tried a few different things, good that I picked a nice one. :happyfelix:

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