Okay, my go at Go is cancelled.

Implicit interfaces and "nil" did it. Blame them.

@neon oh btw TypeScript, which I code for living, also has implicit interfaces.

Implicit interfaces are the nazis

@Technowix Oh yeah that's still my #1 lang, I just had a go at Go to have a go-to high-level language.

Okay I'll stop with the go-puns.

@neon go use rust in a high level way, rust can be good at this with many well crafted cargo :D

@Technowix @neon honestly I'm loving Rust :3 but fuck crate documentation (not internal) but getting started with crates are crap

everything in anything else is better documented.

bleh I want to love it just eugh the lack of guides (also decent documentation, is bleh) example piston internal docs...

@LottieVixen @Technowix It's just gamedev in Rust that's horrible, I think.

@neon @Technowix well apart from that, I haven't found decent gui bindings either (but maybe I didn't look hard enough either)

@LottieVixen @Technowix I haven't either, but I guess I'll have to do it myself then, since my next big project is an AP client 😄

@neon @thog @Technowix openGL for a gui? I guess that works, might as well use piston as they are making that

I've also heard of erm Nuklear which is apparently good.

@LottieVixen @thog @Technowix I mean, I like writing it myself. And might save a few cpu cycles not using someone else's more generalized OpenGL code.

@neon @LottieVixen actually every commits I see on Piston's repo are things adding documentations and so, I think the understood that lacking of this make the thing unusable xD

@Technowix @neon yeah but tutorials would be great, and bleh I dislike how they stick their name in everything..
piston_float its a generic float wrapping thing....yet piston is in the name, sure they made it but bleh.....float wrapper or something would have done...sorry

I just really dislike piston..and im not good enough at lowlevel to make my own bindings.

@Michcioperz Sure does, but how I want to do things does not align with those design decisions :shrugfelix:

@neon what I mean is I love Go but understand why you don't

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