@icefox I was looking into ggez, and if I understood correctly, OpenGL 3.2 is the default. Why? Everything that supports 3.2 will support 3.3 with up-to-date drivers, and some newer drivers don't even support <3.3, instead supporting 3.3 core.

At least I've gotten this impression from debugging glerminal issues with @teascade, I'd like to be corrected if I'm wrong.

@neon @icefox Some devices/drivers won't even support 3.0-3.2 at all, but might very well support 2.2 and 3.3. Even on a statistic that I believe was made by either Nvidia or Khronos shows that 3.2 is less supported than 3.3 by at least 10%
@neon @icefox Actually, looking at this a bit more in-depth, I found this website made by Khronos that lists (supposedly all) GPUs and which versions of OpenGL they support, and quickly looking through them, I've yet found only one GPU (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics) that supports only OpenGL 3.2 (not 3.3 or 3.1), and even there it seems to be listed as "OpenGL Core", which might indicate that it's just outdated information (because I don't think 3.2 is core anymore).

@teascade @icefox Even on there, 3.3 seems to have the highest compatibility (in # of gpus) out of 3.x versions though.

@neon @icefox
Ah, found the table I was looking for. Found some new sources though;
Apparently the table was made by Apple
Though I don't think it's going to vary too much on the manufacturer, I'd imagine the same graphics cards support the same OpenGL versions regardless of manufacturer

Also I found actually this too:
Which seems to show that anything newer than 2nd generation intel core processors support OpenGL 4 or newer, older processors only support 3.1 or older, but still not 3.2.

Btw, sorry for the spam, I just found quite a bit of stuff while looking for that table, that I stumbled across when trying to solve my own issues with some people using Apple computers with GLerminal

@teascade @neon No problemo. I'm always happy to have more useful information. I don't have a mac so it's kind of a part of programming space that I don't explore very much.

@neon @teascade For a long-ass time 3.2 was the best that OSX supported. And I've yet to meet a driver that supported 3.3 but not <3.3... or at least, pretend to. (They may well exist though, I'd be fascinated to see!)

@neon @teascade It was this table: Except WAY MORE FRUSTRATING. You will notice that Apple doesn't list operating system versions on that chart.

Might be now that 3.2 isn't worth targeting anymore.

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