Played for the first time today. Died 11 times in the Tauros fight, and didn't even beat it.

This is the part where I say "..and I love it!", but I kinda hate it for being so unapproachable. We'll see how my opinion evolves, but the controls just feel unresponsive, and the level designers made some plain annoying decisions at many points. (Looking at you, 3 dudes on the roof constantly lobbing fire grenades, and you, dude behind the corner waiting to slap me.)

@zemichi Trying very hard, doesn't make it seem any better game design wise. 🙄

The Taurus demon also took me some time at first, but on my following playthroughs I could often defeat it on my first try. It has a little bit too much health for a first boss imo. Try to learn how to dodge and don't fall down the wall.

Soon after it you get some realistic branching paths and can change the branch you take if you have trouble. The ghosts and skeletons branches at firelink are undoable for normal players in the beginning.

Also you can make the fight easier when you remember the tutorial boss. [easy trick spoiler: and even more easy when you use the lightning enchantment item you find where you use the key from the merchant]

Approachability in that game is absolute shit. I ended up loving the game for other reasons, but I used a guide all the way through. I couldn't even get past the _tutorial_ without one

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