Neon 🎭

SSR what are you doing

No SSR that's not what you should be doing

Hehey, this time I'm actually posting stuff during the actual hour!

So this week I've been making this world-generation-sandboxy-builder-game-thing, don't really yet know what I'll actually do with it. Today I added placing things. Next up is probably some minions to come live in the world :thinkingfelix:

Tonight, I did lots of UI stuff. I wasn't intending on polishing this game's UI, but I guess now I kinda have. Tomorrow I'll make some UI widgets to actually make use of the system, and then go back to making the actual game.

I guess that's it for .

Kinda disappointing, I liked my idea but didn't have nearly enough time to finish it, and to top it all off, the VR mode doesn't work at all. Still, it's something.

21 hours into and I finally got an idea I think I can work with!

The little test I made (checking if the idea would work at all) already looks promising.

Now, to sleep. When I wake up, it's Ludum Dare time! I'll probably regret going to sleep so late (causing me to miss the first hours of LD).

Good night!

I think the VR interactiony part is pretty much done.
☑ Punching things
☑ Throwing things
☑ Teleporting

Of course, as a punctual event-setupper I'm writing my own post at literally the last minute 😁 You all were great btw, way more people joined in on the first event than I would've guessed!

The work on my VR library continues, currently I'm making a teleportation system. As you can see, it's a *bit* WIP currently, but at least I almost got the arc done.

Note to self: don't start implementing the feature you're going to show off when the showoffhour starts.

It's ! For the next hour, post updates on your current projects and comment on others'! Also, to keep up with everyone, open up the hashtag and pin it 😄

It's ! Let's see if we can get it rolling on the fediverse as well :happyfelix:

Personally, I've been working on my VR library project. No book functionality yet, but it's progressing slowly and semi-surely!

I now have functional VR hands! Testing VR stuff while seated at a table with monitors is great fun; you need to dodge the "invisible" obstacles of the real world while testing. (Which also happens to be the cause of the "bobbiness" of the hand in the video :happyfelix: )

So I've been making this scene relying a lot on screen-space reflections... And now I noticed that moving things quickly while in VR leaves trail-esque artifacts in the SSR reflections.

Been making the environment in which I'll supposedly place shelves of ebooks in the future. Came out pretty good, I think.

That volumetric fog is *Unreal* tho, for real. :smirkfelix:

"I wonder who I followed first"

Oh. Well, I guess that tells me something about myself in a weird Freudian way or something.

Just tried out Substance Designer for the first time, since I felt like making a more high def game.

Turns out it's pretty amazing, at least based on this snow material I made in like 10 minutes.

I'm currently enjoying crt, but I think a more conventional terminal would be good. ;)

(I used to use Sakura but I feel like there are better options I'm not aware of)

Started making my game, we'll see how this goes. Making it from scratch (in Rust, of course), maybe I'll finally make a game from 0 to completion.

Current status: I have a window.