Oopsie doopsie. Turns out my instance ran out of ram (which it has 4GB of, good god).

Oh! The results are in! I'm happy with my results, I definitely focused on the aesthetics and writing this time, and the graphics and humor ratings certainly seem to reflect that! I would've hoped for a bit higher rank in overall or fun, but I suppose interaction systems are like CG, when they're good, you don't notice them, eh? :winkingfelix:

Yay, got three Pis running now, time to start migrating stuff. We'll see if I get to Mastodon today, this'll be quite a bit of fiddling :neutralfelix:

Google knows me so well, showing me articles like this!

Really should just get off my butt and set up an RSS reader on my phone. These Google Recommended™️ articles are very rarely interesting at all.

I made a game! It's like an adventure / point-and-click style game, except in first-person form. The theme connection is pretty loose, but I really like the aesthetic / mechanical parts I did make. Great game, trust me, it's just missing a good idea :happyfelix:

Please play it and rate it and comment on it, if you're into the thing! ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43

Skyrim's got nothing on my physical item interaction system.

Ludum Dare time well spent.

Cloth physics are great fun. Pictured: trying to find a good "item holding spot" while holding a wiggly flower-ish thing.

Portals! Didn't make them proper portals yet, because I don't think using two hours to debug shaders is a good use of Ludum Dare time. Now to make the parts where there's gameplay :blobcatsip:

Oops, I made an inventory system. Kinda just kept improving the pickup system.

Gotta tone down the specular maps a bit, and fix the head bobbing. Currently my sacrificial altar is quite the rave party.

CW: Flashy video with a lot of camera shake

Urban Dictionary has a suggestion for an alternative reading of the theme.

Gotta love the dialogue trees in Fallout 4. Seriously? Zero branching, and only one way to say it.

I miss New Vegas. I should play New California instead of this.

Rewrote neon.moe once again! This time, less CSS black magic so it actually looks decent with lynx. And I made it a bit less confusing probably maybe :happyfelix: (though the cool, more confusing version still exists in the form of "Terminal mode")

Also I checked all of the marks in the process :blobcatpeek:

I always forget to add an options menu during game jams. Remembered this time though!

Need to work on the procedural generation though, still looking *quite* bland.

Don't think I'm going to make it in time for , but I'll definitely keep on working on my project. It works as a good real-world test for my UI crate. Got this far (about 40% of my original to-do list):

Some progress tonight. Added a lot of stuff behind the scenes (UI crate is getting lots of functionality updates :happyfelix: ), and implemented location spawning and selections. Next up, connections between locations and inspection UI.

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