Google knows me so well, showing me articles like this!

Really should just get off my butt and set up an RSS reader on my phone. These Google Recommended™️ articles are very rarely interesting at all.

I made a game! It's like an adventure / point-and-click style game, except in first-person form. The theme connection is pretty loose, but I really like the aesthetic / mechanical parts I did make. Great game, trust me, it's just missing a good idea :happyfelix:

Please play it and rate it and comment on it, if you're into the thing!

Skyrim's got nothing on my physical item interaction system.

Ludum Dare time well spent.

Cloth physics are great fun. Pictured: trying to find a good "item holding spot" while holding a wiggly flower-ish thing.

Portals! Didn't make them proper portals yet, because I don't think using two hours to debug shaders is a good use of Ludum Dare time. Now to make the parts where there's gameplay :blobcatsip:

Oops, I made an inventory system. Kinda just kept improving the pickup system.

Gotta tone down the specular maps a bit, and fix the head bobbing. Currently my sacrificial altar is quite the rave party.

CW: Flashy video with a lot of camera shake

Urban Dictionary has a suggestion for an alternative reading of the theme.

Gotta love the dialogue trees in Fallout 4. Seriously? Zero branching, and only one way to say it.

I miss New Vegas. I should play New California instead of this.

Rewrote once again! This time, less CSS black magic so it actually looks decent with lynx. And I made it a bit less confusing probably maybe :happyfelix: (though the cool, more confusing version still exists in the form of "Terminal mode")

Also I checked all of the marks in the process :blobcatpeek:

I always forget to add an options menu during game jams. Remembered this time though!

Need to work on the procedural generation though, still looking *quite* bland.

Don't think I'm going to make it in time for , but I'll definitely keep on working on my project. It works as a good real-world test for my UI crate. Got this far (about 40% of my original to-do list):

Some progress tonight. Added a lot of stuff behind the scenes (UI crate is getting lots of functionality updates :happyfelix: ), and implemented location spawning and selections. Next up, connections between locations and inspection UI.

"Lerps make everything a bit more juicy" episode 512:

Added a way to use custom spritesheets into the UI crate, wrote some base code for the systems. Overall not a super productive day, but I'm still processing the mechanics a bit.

Not much to see, but here's a video anyway:

Been seeing a lot of other devs on Discord with the status "Playing <game engine of choice>".

I felt left out, so I found and it's pretty great.

Yay, I'm done with the first part of making this GUI library! Got sprite rendering, text rendering, input handling. Next is... More element types and layout.

That's going to be the hard part, I feel like.

I'm stumped. Anyone with experience in , specifically , any ideas? I'm using gpu_cache, and it seems to *sometimes* work. I just can't seem to find anything that would cause this kind of behavior. I'm 99% sure the problem is related to rusttype, as the artifacts are definitely in the glyph cache texture.

Code here:

Amazing text rendering, and on the first try! After such a spectacular performance in the morning hours, I think I'll go and have a well earned rest now.

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