Been thinking about designing games based on other games (as opposed to drawing inspiration from other places, like real world experiences), and how that's probably a bad thing. Or maybe not? Extra Credits recently released a video on the topic as well.


Turns out the OpenVR addon in works very well! I guess my first impressions were indeed fouled by my own Linux setup, probably the nvidia drivers.


Hi! It's hard to structure these posts well so I'll just list out some things I'm interested in with neat emojos attached for a more varied visual experience. 🎲 💻 :ferris: 🌻 🖥️ :lyra: :winkingfelix: :lambda:

Some progress tonight. Added a lot of stuff behind the scenes (UI crate is getting lots of functionality updates :happyfelix: ), and implemented location spawning and selections. Next up, connections between locations and inspection UI.

Added a way to use custom spritesheets into the UI crate, wrote some base code for the systems. Overall not a super productive day, but I'm still processing the mechanics a bit.

Not much to see, but here's a video anyway:

Just followed a bunch of |s. Looking for some yourself? Here's a neat list :happyfelix:

Finally got around to |ing the cat game again! Currently writing the basic needs AI.. I think the cat is a bit too thirsty currently. And maybe too hungry as well. And not enough naps.

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Rewrote the animations, makes a small difference but I think the cat feels a little less ice-skatey now. Now, to sleep.

Made a water tap. Cats need water, I think.

As a sidenote, I think I'm getting the cat experience down pretty well: the testing cat makes recording a bit challenging when it's so fascinated by the mouse.

Was thinking about making a game, and went looking for jams to get inspired. Turns out, it's time! Starts in 2 hours, I'm most definitely in.

Played for the first time today. Died 11 times in the Tauros fight, and didn't even beat it.

This is the part where I say "..and I love it!", but I kinda hate it for being so unapproachable. We'll see how my opinion evolves, but the controls just feel unresponsive, and the level designers made some plain annoying decisions at many points. (Looking at you, 3 dudes on the roof constantly lobbing fire grenades, and you, dude behind the corner waiting to slap me.)

It's done! Well, not done, but released. I got most of the stuff done, but the game is a bit buggy and has a performance problem I didn't have time to debug. (See end of the attached video for that :ohgno:)

But in any case, the game is now playable and on the internet. You can also go rate my game!

So I gathered all the games I've released under different names, and it appears I've released 16 games. Very incomplete jam games, but still, 16!! :blobowo:

Hey, fellow artistically challenged |s. How do you make graphics for your game? Just programmer art, generated stuff, cheats (pixel art / low poly), or something else?

Ludum Dare is coming up and I'm going through a "I can't make games because I can't do graphics good" phase again :ohgno:

I started making a boat game today. Sailing just somehow became very cool to me suddenly.

Is there a Matrix room that people use?

If not, should I make one?

Hehey, this time I'm actually posting stuff during the actual hour!

So this week I've been making this world-generation-sandboxy-builder-game-thing, don't really yet know what I'll actually do with it. Today I added placing things. Next up is probably some minions to come live in the world :thinkingfelix:

Tonight, I did lots of UI stuff. I wasn't intending on polishing this game's UI, but I guess now I kinda have. Tomorrow I'll make some UI widgets to actually make use of the system, and then go back to making the actual game.

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