omg yall i just found firefox's about:mozilla page, which is a biblical-style blurb about firefox quantum and rust. this is fucking great

@Technowix @lis @teascade She's okay. Depressed, but okay currently, just doesn't feel like being on here.

So my desktop gets stuck in the booting process sometimes. Most of the time it complains that the CPU cooler isn't working properly, and other times it says "overclocking failed" (even though I haven't overclocked anything). I don't know much about hardware, but I'd guess this would be a problem with the power supply, any insights?

First day of procjam/7dfps recap:
- slept a lot
- played some heroes of the storm
- watched some critical role
- came up with the general theme and genre for the game and went to sleep right after
A very productive day indeed!

Been playing Heroes of the Storm for the last few days. It's aight. Seems nice and casual.

Procjam and 7dfps start today though, time to make a vidjagame.

Youtube being down made me go to sleep earlier than I otherwise would've. Cool.

@cwebber I don't know, might be talking to a cache right now :thunking:

Morning! I'm sure it's still dawn somewhere. Time to hop back into VR and avoid doing more productive things like work, school, and writing Rust crates.

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Security backport release. Please update as soon as possible.

@lain That doesn't sound that far from 11... I mean, in the schools I went to, the last students to eat would probably eat after 12, because the schools had different "eating shifts" for different grades.


I totally haven't created this problem for myself by sleeping until 18. No sir.

Bah, work and school taking up my precious game writing time. Maybe I'll find time tomorrow.

Or the day after that, because I just remembered that I have D&D tomorrow.

I woke up past 18 today. Damn sleeping rhythms.

@icefox I'd rather use OpenGL, since one of my goals was minimizing dependencies. That said, I don't think it'd be much work to switch out the backend, as it's contained in two modules with relatively little public-facing API.

I wouldn't try doing such a thing yet though, since the crate is definitely in "every commit changes the api" territory and doesn't have much utility yet.

What do you mean by interoperate with ggez?

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