Neon 🎭

@Normandy @teascade Depression keeps people busy

And as it turns out, their partners as well (I've been a bit silent too :thinkingfelix: )

@Pasty What if I'm not a lumberjack but don't identify as a hipster either? :thinkingfelix:

@Hiraelle More games should include an β€œeasy mode” wherein even a novice player can make it all the way to the end. How can a player enjoy the full experience of the game if it keeps them stuck on a certain point?

Higher difficulties will always be there for those who want a challenge. For those who want to enjoy the story or just have some β€œI feel like a god” escapism for a little while, there should always be Easy Mode.


I'm on 2.2.0 now, hello! Hopefully nothing broke.

@ivesen Not that bad. Just takes loads of time because apparently the amount of assets that need to be recompiled and dependencies that need to be installed is higher than the number of atoms in the observable universe.

Ruby is real shit is what I'm saying.

@Gargron Soon that number will bump up by one, thanks for the heads up. πŸ‘€

coding hot take: better coders aren't smarter, they're just more fluent in computer

@hund Drop shadows, transparency, nice layout, maybe some windows that aren't terminals, that sort of thing.

@hund Not if you find a good enough picture with all the nice effects, I'd imagine.

@hund Some picture of a good looking i3 setup. Or, well, that's at least the one that pops into my mind at first.

@RafiX Yeah, me too. I can't write well though.

Anyone got a blog? I need to fill up my RSS feed.

Using nightlies really makes releases boring. All this hype about new Firefox features which nightly has already had for months. Maybe I should just stop reading tech news.

@quad Thanks! I can use my phone without fear once again.