Google knows me so well, showing me articles like this!

Really should just get off my butt and set up an RSS reader on my phone. These Google Recommended™️ articles are very rarely interesting at all.

Eating a :joulutorttu: with my coffee in the spirit of christmas :coffeeblob:

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boost to respect Tama, the Honorary Eternal Stationmaster of the Kishi train station who increased ridership on the Kishigawa Line by almost 20% upon her appointment. RIP

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TIL Ferris is actually canonically a trans woman. Sure makes me seem real shit for calling her a catboy in the past, but I mean, I was just very oblivious. Thankfully anime characters don't have feelings. (Sorry to anyone who might've felt bad indirectly though.)

Turns out I had a cute anime girl avatar all along, just like everyone else :blobcat:

@quad Everything is, I just had the feeling that 3.6 would be old enough. I guess not!

So turns out debian stretch has a pretty old version of Python. Decided to compile 3.7 myself, and it's been running the tests for an hour now.

I always forget that compiling stuff like this takes ages.

Posted straight from the field with mobile Pinafore technology!

In today's news about spooky computer business: my Firefox hasn't been able to render the Mastodon frontend ever since I was forced to reboot by a Rust thing I was writing that ate my processing power so much I had to do a hard reboot.

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Hello friends, I thought I might want to stream one day, but I really don't like the idea of facecam, so I came up with the (completely original) idea of having a bongocat for my facecam and have her write on a little keyboard instead, but couldn't find any decent programs for the job. So here I present to you: programming bongocat, written in python (sadly I couldn't figure out to capture global hotkeys in any other language)

repo can be found here if you're interested

I took this video while writing this very sentence
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I've been away for so long that most of my followers have moved on so here's a new #introduction to get some new friends (boosts appreciated)

I'm a game developer and I sometimes post some stuff about the games that I'm making, but more often than not I tend to not finish my games. I have some projects finished but they are mostly engine and systems development (libraries and engines). I also really like art and I make some sometimes but not too often really. Most of my posts just usually end up being general micro-blogging.

I'm also a trans girl and I have quite a few mental health issues like borderline personality, major depressive disorder and social anxiety, so I might talk about those sometimes also.
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rustodon/rustodon: A Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in Rust #rustlang

@alexlaw I make games! Warn: I do post a lot of programmery type stuff as well though, in case that's not your thing :)

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Beam trap ability, applying configurable positive effects to allies and negative to enemies, so it can function as a defensive ability (gain shield), an offensive ability (buff damage), a peel (stun enemy) or anything else. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiegames #UnrealEngine

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