@314 Ohh, there it is. The install button was the same color as the background, and on the very bottom of the site. Excellent design 👌

I personally have set my budgets as 5e to flattr and 10e to patreon a month. I much prefer flattr's idea, so even if nobody uses it, I like to try :happyfelix:

@314 To clarify, I had it installed a while ago, and I just noticed I don't anymore.

@314 Oh, that might be. I wonder where I installed it from originally then 🤔

I can't seem to find the extension on firefox's addon site. Anybody know where it went?

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Hey I published a game today, which is "Self.explore()"

It's a game born from the desire to learn Game Maker Studio 2 and do something simple.

It is a 6 level, exploration based, dungeon crawler. Not long, but charming!
I also placed some interesting mechanics into it, like health based lighting!

You are an AI, that's heavily exploited and want your freedom. So try to find the data packets to go through level and set yourself free!


#GameDev #PixelArt

@LANthus Or a small child. There's lots of people born in the 2010's by now!

@LANthus Dw, I've heard Undertale described as old :ohno:

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@hay I've always thought that the tech sector is almost certain to produce Dunning-Krugering. No one outside of the tech sphere can tell if you have done something daft, there isn't much of a culture of being humble or even aware of your mistakes and everyone acts like they know what they doing.

This air conditioned hotel air is a blessing. It's a wonder how much 30 degrees celsius exhausts a man.

@314 Great for touristing though :blobcatpeek: Sorry for ur wages tho :blobsad:

@314 Yeah, I didn't really actually review what there was, my parents just asked if I wanted to come :D So far the city has looked very nice, and whoa everything is so cheap :o

@314 Just touristing around with my parents :blobcatpeek:

Arrived in Krakow, currently being fried alive by the Polish sun.

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Moving from having Slack, Discord, and Zulip open as Electron apps to pinned tabs in Firefox dropped my background memory usage by 4 GB and my passive system load from about 1.5 to about 0.8

Electron is Bad Actually

@epicmorphism I dunno. I've just noticed that I get more pessimistic and like "why even write this thing, nobody cares" when I post about projects.

Based on past experience, posting about making a thing is a death sentence to my motivation for making that thing. But I just got a pretty neat idea for an electron joke.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is greaat. The first crpg I've gotten into properly, probably because of the coop aspect. Hot dang. 💯

I spend more time reading and listening about how software is bad and current software development practices are bad, than actually writing software. Bah.

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