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Portals! Didn't make them proper portals yet, because I don't think using two hours to debug shaders is a good use of Ludum Dare time. Now to make the parts where there's gameplay :blobcatsip:

Still got no direction in my LD project, but I did conjure up some optimism. So I'm still in. Need to really figure out some kind of point to the game tomorrow though. For now, time to sleep. Good night! 💤

Getting a real familiar feeling from the last Ludum Dare, being completely stuck halfway through the jam... :ohgno:

Oops, I made an inventory system. Kinda just kept improving the pickup system.

Gotta tone down the specular maps a bit, and fix the head bobbing. Currently my sacrificial altar is quite the rave party.

CW: Flashy video with a lot of camera shake

Urban Dictionary has a suggestion for an alternative reading of the theme.

I like the Ludum Dare theme, but I'm not getting any good ideas. Kinda considering going the arcade/action route, at least then I could get away with less justification for the narrative :thinkingrem:

And the theme is Sacrifices must be made.

Interesting, I don't dislike it at first sight!

time soon! This time I'll try staying up for a while and starting the game, and go to sleep in the morning. Two sleeps during the jam, more time to reflect on the idea!

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Sim Gretina has made 5 new albums since I last listened to them. I guess I'll just buy their whole discography now, since that's apparently cheaper than buying the albums I missed because of the bulk discount :blobcatsip: Good thing it's payday soon!

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LED lighting is boring gamers, instead put dolls and lamps in your computer instead.

Ludum Dare is next weekend! Very excited, haven't made a game in a while and feeling the creative juices starting to flow. I really want to warm up to Godot, but I'm not sure I can find the time with school stuff and general procrastination.

I should really sleep now though, it's mom-just-woke-up-o'clock.

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I’ll never forgive the internet for training a generation of artists and writers to call what they make “content.”

Boxes have contents. You’re a fucking ARTIST. You make ART. Own it.

Are there Raspberry Pi alternatives that are more suitable for hosting stuff? I heard the Pi's networking goes through the USB 2 bus which sounds real slow.

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I've just released wl-clipboard 1.0 🎉

wl-clipboard is to #Wayland what xclip is to X11, but much nicer in every way. Check it out at

wl-clipboard started out as a proof of concept, turned into something useful that I could announce to the world, and now it's rock-solid and feature-packed.


Turns out sprinkling lazy_statics all around makes code really hard to reason about, and you can avoid that while still keeping a static API by wrapping a non-static system behind a static API.

So in other words, I've been rewriting the backbone of my UI crate bit by bit recently. I'll be done with that soon, and then I'll rewrite the public facing parts, because I can't apparently design an API and write good, coherent code at the same time.

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Observations on Modern Computing (The Last 10 Years Were a Misstep) " " I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. ...

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What if the pipboy is just labeling survivors of an anti-vault-tec group as "Raiders"?

Seems really weird that raiders keep saying stuff like "why do you never leave us alone?" Like my dude, I thought you never left others alone and were evil and stuff, are you saying this smartwatch I have is lying to me?

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