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Finally! We've released Inch by Inch on Steam, now – just in time for the year to end, haha.

Our first Steam release, too! #gamedev #madewithunity

Current status: waiting for ffmpeg to stick together video and audio (which apparently takes forever for a 10min 4K VR video) because youtube-dl only let me download the video and audio separately. To see a 10 minute video about why VR stinks, and I couldn't find an application that lets me stream YouTube to the HTC Vive.

Neon boosted An *excellent* Skyrim AAR. Considering it was published in 2012, I'm surprised I haven't come across the tale before.

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For some reason, the previous link to my article didn't work (thanks @neon for noticing), so here is a new toot! Games as Aesthetic Experience :) Feel free to give feedback. #gamedev #gamedesign #games #aesthetic

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actually, "tar -xzvf" is a german acronym for "herr tar, please xtract ze vucking files"

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tired: rust evangelism strike force
wired: cargo cult

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Final glerminal update for today;
I did not think I would be able to do it, but the madlass I am, I was able.

I implemented mouse inputs into the existing menu_system, but it needs to be enabled optionally first.

The rating phase is still going on, whew. Was so busy with school stuff I completely forgot to rate anything. Now I remembered though, so in the spirit of the 24th of December, I'll play some jam games.

I tried to find all the games in the hashtag, but if you joined LD, please reply with a link so I can play yours! :tuturu:

Played event[0]. Even though the terminal dialogue interface was a bit janky at times, overall the experience was very cool. Will def try to find other endings, I feel like I missed lots of stuff.

Today I implemented and tested out all the remaining optimizations I had in mind for my graphics create. Sadly, I reached some bottleneck way before, so the performance gains are pretty marginal. Nevertheless, only a few things left to go on this crate, until I'm ready to call it usable and move on to other stuff. Yay! :happyfelix:

Tfw I just opened my emoji picker and all my custom emoji were gone :spookedfelix:

Thankfully a refresh fixed it :blobcatmelt:

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a few days ago my sweet @leip4Ier said something about christmas eve, and i misheard it as "eevee"
so, i had to make one😄

🎄 🎁 christmas eevee 🎇 ☃️
#mastoart #pokemon #digitalart #creativetoots

Good morning! Mornings in winter are weird, it's just constantly dark. Waking up in the evening doesn't help either. I kinda want a programmable light so I can simulate the sun. :thinkingrem:

Vacation is weird. Just can't be bothered to do anything. Kinda a bummer how daily life normally consists of enough stress to be productive, making productivity a goal in life, in turn making stress a requirement for feeling good. :ohno:

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Are there legit problems that could arise when distributing upx packed programs? I'm kinda on the fence about whether or not I should pack my games with it, since I'd get much smaller file sizes (which is great when having downloads on my own site), but I don't know if upx could trigger antiviruses or just not work on some platforms?

Google knows me so well, showing me articles like this!

Really should just get off my butt and set up an RSS reader on my phone. These Google Recommended™️ articles are very rarely interesting at all.

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