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I never quite realized how heavy Mastodon is, until today, when I opened it on my laptop and it was the first thing today that activated my laptop's fans.

Great to see people doing the today, I was at work so I couldn't join 😄

Cool stuff, everyone who joined!

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W00t, got 3D rendering to work in ggez!

It's not super *simple*; the priority will always be the 2D engine. But people who want to roll their own 3D code and tie it into ggez can do so.

#rust #gamedev

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2017: mastodon instances
2018: everybody writes their own ActivityPub server from scratch, the fediverse gets real weird

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Need to get up to work in about 6 hours :nopefelix:

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Looks like the Sunday 6:00 didn't get much action. Ah well, at least the option exists. Still, the Saturday 18:00 one had lots of posts, great job everyone!

I think the VR interactiony part is pretty much done.
☑ Punching things
☑ Throwing things
☑ Teleporting

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Some of these programming language personifications are p accurate.

Of course, as a punctual event-setupper I'm writing my own post at literally the last minute 😁 You all were great btw, way more people joined in on the first event than I would've guessed!

The work on my VR library continues, currently I'm making a teleportation system. As you can see, it's a *bit* WIP currently, but at least I almost got the arc done.

Note to self: don't start implementing the feature you're going to show off when the showoffhour starts.

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Hello #showoffhour, this is Avoyd, a game @dougbinks and I have been working on for ~5 years. The game isn't ready yet but we've released the voxel editor.
A couple weeks ago we added an ellipsoid brush which is pretty cool
Currently we're improving import of Minecraft & MagicaVoxel .vox files & working on a wedge shape.
You can download the prototype (free) from

Thanks @neon for introducing #showoffhour !
#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

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It's ! For the next hour, post updates on your current projects and comment on others'! Also, to keep up with everyone, open up the hashtag and pin it 😄

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You know what really legos my foot? When people take bread out of the bag but leave the bag open so the bread gets dry and horrible.

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