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Started a new project today. Thinking about making small, low effort (one week of relaxed dev time per idea) games in 2018. Testing out if I can get one done this week, will be interesting. The aim is to get a better handle on scope and just generally start doing shit.

You all need to get on Flattr. All of my current subscription is going to a singular video by TotalBiscuit, because out of the hundreds of pieces of media I've experienced over a month, he's the only one who has Flattr.

Jeez, just take my money already :ohgno:

Oh, and happy santa claus day everyone! :happyfelix:

Got new headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-M50x) and they're pretty good. Fit very tightly on my ears, which feels a bit weird. Quality-wise they sound pretty amazing, just need to get used to the pressure.

It's ! Alas, I don't have any projects in a very visible state currently, but I've been thinking about spatial dimensions and VR surrealism lately, soo... Maybe next week? :thinkingfelix:

It is the eve of the eve of the mas of the christ, and I just want to sleep.

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β€œWhy isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Oh heck I forgot to post anything for a while

*extremely i don't make games voice* if i made a game i'd make the voice actors do motion capture and record the dialogue on the motion capture stage with a boom

Maybe you noticed, but the @showoffhourbot is finally up and running, ready to boost your #showoffhour toots, warn you when the next one starts, and answer your requests according to its (quite limited) capacities. :]

A reminder how diverse #Fediverse is in terms of programming languages:

- #Ruby: diaspora, Mastodon, Libertree
- #PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv
- #Python: Socialhome
- #Go: gangGo
- #Elixir: Pleroma
- #Rust: Fedibook
- #Nodejs:

🐧 So many opportunities to contribute


How to make a PC game that won't immediately be ruined by cheaters: Show more

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever tried a functional programming language?

Got a Kindle as a birthday present. Have to say, the E Ink screen is pretty πŸ†—.

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