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Also now that I've mentioned the video publicly, I'd also like to complain about how the dude didn't mention that some of the letters are still in use in other languages. I guess he was just talking about english, but still.

The video, btw:

Tfw I just watched a video about letters removed from the alphabet (like Þ) and now suddenly everyone on my TL seems to be talking about Þ.

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today, I did nothing but play EU4 and process
or, as we call it in the business
heavy duty emotional work, facilitated through external tools

It is showoff time again. Before the new year I thought I could make a game a week, if I just decided on that.

Turns out, when I've got work and regular stuff to do, I don't have the time for that :thaenkin:

Been playing lately. It's kinda cool in its simplicity, very inspiring gamedev-motivation-wise.

Or maybe I'm just nostalgic, who knows.

I should go to work, but I'm currently in my bed. What to do?

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@phryk Thanks. We try to use as little JavaScript as possible, however it is currently required when adding or withdrawing money.

It is the year 12018 now. Or 3184.


Hello, it is me, winter Ferris.

(Threw out the santa hat finally)

SSR what are you doing

No SSR that's not what you should be doing

Hehey, this time I'm actually posting stuff during the actual hour!

So this week I've been making this world-generation-sandboxy-builder-game-thing, don't really yet know what I'll actually do with it. Today I added placing things. Next up is probably some minions to come live in the world :thinkingfelix:

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I have seen a management team interpret "divide and conquer" to mean "divide your engineers across every area of the project's functionality in order to conquer it all at once."

Y'know, literally the opposite of how that strategy works.

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can we take the fact that shadows are always cast directly beneath every object as definitive proof that animal crossing takes place on the inner surface of a dyson sphere

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Me this morning: I should work on making video games!

Me after 20 minutes on Mastodon: I should work on distributed public key exchange protocols!

"I'll just quickly update my Mastodon instance before sleep"

I get the best ideas after midnight.

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