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The Internet Gods, 2018:

Security! Security! SSL everywhere! Mandatory two-factor authentication! Full-device encryption! Hardware on-chip secure enclaves!

The Internet Gods, also 2018:

let's just give Jeff Bezos all our private RAM, and the official Node.js installer is literally curl | sudo bash

Pinafore looks and feels very slick.

My eyes are burning from the brightness, but yes, very responsive and nice.

Any suggestions for good survival mods for Minecraft? Vanilla feels too sandboxy.

I've just finished it now, and, i'm too excited to playtest it so let me know if you find anything odd, but HERE!

A short game i've been working on for the past 3 days for a Magical Girl Jam and I'm super super proud of it!

shitposting via System.Windows.MessageBox is the future

i like to believe that gargamel personally determines if each message will be federated or not, regardless of instance

@pounce Welcome to the fediverse, hopefully you'll enjoy it here! :tuturu:

Minecraft's graphics really have improved in the years since I last played :thinkingrem:

like, memes like this are actual texts i send to people not to entertain them but to educate them and get their opinions on discourse for them! and they consolidate such volumes of knowledge into pretty easily understandable language

this one specifically for example, consolidates 1) literary theory from structuralist, post structuralist, and orthoox marxist points of view 2) critiques those frameworks have of one another 3) comprehensive application of that discourse to a specific work. into one meme!!!!!

I saw that PiroPito LP (thanks, @HTHR ) and now I really want to play minecraft again.

Bye bye other interests, it was nice knowing you.


LR: I wonder if I've been just blindly banned by anyone?


my favourite mastodon meme is not reading the instance's rules, not checking how they're enforced and just immediately hitting the banhammer because you're on a .moe domain
nepfag could literally run the whole fediverse on his serve, 128 gb ram wtf
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