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When it comes to communicating communist ideas I feel like it'd be more effective if instead of saying "private property" we said "remote ownership" or "ownership on paper" or "economic property" or "corporate property" or "for-profit property"

Cuz like what we mean is "you can't own a house you don't live in" "you can't own a business others work in" "You can't own land others live or work on"

And I think in the 21st century "private property" just doesn't evoke that meaning

#Pinafore v0.1.3 is released:

- Add "Ozark" dark theme (thanks @SpankyWorks!)
- Click the current nav button to scroll to the top (thanks @mlcdf!)
- a11y fixes, show image description on hover

is next week! The time passed so quickly, I'm not sure if I've recovered yet from the last one, AAAAH

@icefox I was looking into ggez, and if I understood correctly, OpenGL 3.2 is the default. Why? Everything that supports 3.2 will support 3.3 with up-to-date drivers, and some newer drivers don't even support <3.3, instead supporting 3.3 core.

At least I've gotten this impression from debugging glerminal issues with @teascade, I'd like to be corrected if I'm wrong.

Tfw you start writing a tfw post but it becomes so long the tfw no longer makes sense in the sentence.

Tfw I thought I might get to sleep early today because I had nothing to do and everything was primed for a lazy evening. This would've been pretty good after a few days of barely sleeping at all.

And then I remembered that I haven't prepared *anything* for the course I'll start teaching tomorrow.

Eris give me strength :ohgno:

just got a new domain, in process of aiming it at a fresh vps

soon I will have a matrix server up at

> looks at /priv/static/static/config.json
all joking and fun aside, I do think that a server like pleroma that is relatively easy to setup and maintain DOES empower people. It makes it possible for more people to run their own system and not depend on an admin with dictatorial powers.
Thinking of actually creating my own frontend for my instance because of all this Pleroma drama. My own frontend would conveniently hide the fact that I use Pleroma to anyone because the drama seems a little overboard for me and I don't want to associate with it, but the platform is so NICE because it's so LIGHT AND FAST and I'm frustrated. Neat, someone's building a fancy "what is the fediverse?" site that doesn't pretend Mastodon is the only game in town. Seems a bit incomplete however

just switched on my computer and was struck with the feeling that when you look at a computer screen, youre seeing this kinda bizarre funhouse of nonsense. theres words all over the place, pictures, all kinds of shit going on, and almost none of it is of any use, it's mostly designed to make you feel like you're doing something important. its like this baroque monstrosity with floppy disk gargoyles and icons of patron saints of productivity or something. pretty wild shit. anyway windows 10 huh

@nolan seems to have an SSL problem: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT

Without www works fine though, just thought I should mention it.

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