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It irks me when people try to prosecute internet wrongings via the Court of Public Internet.

Instance admins: If you have an issue with another instance, take the convo to DM/email and work it out. Dragging people through the public mud isn't needed, and it's quite frankly, tasteless. We're better than that.

Godot gets CSG support! This makes 3D dev way more accessible in Godot, I can't wait.

How would you balance Megumin? I mean, the idea that she has only one attack and gets basically dead after that is completely stupid and unbalanced and unfun, but surely there's some way :thinkingrem:

Browsing functional languages that compile into JS...

In the meanwhile I'll look into MonoGame and other ways to practically make games functionally. Really feeling the FP game jam inspiration right now :tuturu:

Okay, so it's a bit rough. Signals are apparently pretty wonky using F#, and it requires a bit of wrangling (making a C# wrapper for all F# types) to use F# in Godot. Apprently there is an issue for this though, so hope still lives!

Mastodon was first described to me as having a "nice feel," and I was kinda like, it's a website. How can it have any kind of feel

Coming to the end of first day here and all I can think is "Mastodon feels very soft and cuddly"

Alright, time to (try to) setup with . At least in my head that sounds like an amazing idea.

Write mastodon & matrix clients for old nokias in rust

i was helping my former cousin with his comp sci project and then i saw these variable names

What's the point of games? Feeling a little existential, anybody want to throw in suggestions? I don't think "entertainment" covers games as a whole, but I dunno what else could be the point.

Augh. :thunking:

TL;DR: Wouldn't buy VR for SkyrimVR, but if you'd like to re-experience Skyrim and have a Vive, definitely worth the full price.

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Okay, first impressions before even arriving in Helgen (inside a preview kinda part at the start): the bowplay in Skyrim VR is the best thing I've done in VR. Admittedly, might be the mods' fault which I installed (this list: but holy crap.

Quick question for those people that "switched" to pleroma, why did you do it? Mastodon users weren't really a focus group for me, so it would be interesting to hear what made you try pleroma.

Goodbye fedifriends, it was nice knowing you. As well as the rest of the outside world.


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