I actually got JACK working through reboots, consistently, and all the while also managing to get PulseAudio running at the same time. It's a wonder how hard linux stuff is to setup sometimes.

:owi: yay

@lis Dunno what it is, but Cadence just plain didn't do anything for me, well, the bridging to pulseaudio part at least. Which meant I wasn't sure if it did anything at all, since PA and JACK were fighting over hardware. Plus I'd rather write the jack setup scripts myself if it isn't too hard, and it turned out to be relatively easy in my case once I finally started figuring it out.

@cadence @lis Your namesake ( is rather uncooperative with my computer, is all.

@neon I do produce music from time to time, so I guess the name fits. Good luck getting me to work!
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