"git commit -a" is what I call a cowboy-commit, and I still think git should flag and expose commits as such.

Not that I mind anyone using it (carefully), but it would make me extra wary when reviewing a commit. It should be the absolute exception, not the standard way of committing things.

Do it properly and always review your individual changes once more! Use "git add -p"!

You will soon love it and whoever reviews your code will love you for using it!


@fribbledom I like that name, I'd be the fastest in the west. The most reckless cowboy in the git territories. 🤠

In real talk, I'd say just writing individual changes at a time is the way to go. If you've made lots of changes, you've obviously tested with all of those changes, it seems like a recipe for bugs to commit only a few changes: That commit is basically a version nobody has tested!

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