fuck #Unity, seriously

#TabletopSimulator performance in #linux was just dismal

Disabled telemetry @:
`~/.config/unity3d/Berserk\ Games/Tabletop\ Simulator/Unity/<some-string>/Analytics/config`

bam! twice the performance. (still not great, but noticeably better)

hey, #gamedev peeps Y U NO USE #Godot #Blender #Armory3D #Ogre3D etc, et al ?

#opensource #freesoftware #GamingOnLinux

@falgn0n Unity is easier and has more stuff built in that just works. It's not that any of the floss options are bad, it's just that Unity is a really big program with a boatload of devs, so obviously it has more features that makes dev easier.

That said, leaving telemetry in is not excusable :P


"... is easier and has more stuff built in that just works ... "

I do get that. I am not a dev myself, but I'm around enough of them to know what it's like.


If more of us would put our weight behind the floss tools, pretty soon they would fit that description as well (and then some).

#GameDev #Floss #Community


@falgn0n Eagerly waiting for that day myself, and I do try to contribute to the floss stuff I use (including game dev tools). Doesn't change the situation if I need to start a game project tomorrow though 😜

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